My four year old nephew Joe Thomas, believe it or not, brought to his mother’s attention that the Hub TV network was re-running the 1960s Batman series when she discovered that he programmed their DVR to record it. Don’t ask us how since the kid can’t even read.  Anyway, she told me because it was one of our favorites as kids.  I thought then as I watch it would be fitting to pay tribute the Molls of Batman in honor of all the 60s starlets who guest starred.

During the course of the series, the molls fell into three categories.  There were the innocents led astray by the nefarious evil doers. By the episodes end, the gals have repented their crooked ways turning on the villains to help the Dynamic Duo. Next were the vain glamour girls so self-absorbed they did not care one way or the other to what wicked plots they were abetting. And finally there were the vixens just as devilishly cunning as the villains and who reveled in threatening lives or going for the big score to get rich.

First up is pretty blonde Linda Gaye Scott as Moth. She was the Riddler’s moll in “Ring of Wax” and “Give’em the Axe” originally televised on March 30 & 31, 1966. Clad in a tight form fitting purple cat suit with matching lavender cape (similar to what Yvonne Craig would wear as Batgil later on) to give her that insect look, Moth is totally enamored of the Riddler.  A greedy Moth is eager to help him steal a prized rare book from the Gotham City Library that will lead them to the lost treasure of the Incas. While Robin and Batman (with his bulge in full view) dangle above of vat of scolding wax slowly being lowered into it, Batman reflects the sun off his utility belt causing an explosion and knocking them to the ground. While the Riddler watching from another room rejoices thinking they are dead, Moth gets testy with him when he slows down their plans to retrieve the treasure when he decides to leave the police another riddle.  “What’s more important that all those Incan baubles, bangles and beads,” she exclaims.

Of course, the Dynamic Duo survive and thwart the evil doers’ plan at the Gotham Museum as they search for an ancient Incan sarcophagus containing the map to the treasure. Surrounded by ancient torture devices, Batman begins knocking heads while Robin capture previously watches helplessly from a torture rack. Moth tries to make a run for it but trips and falls into a maiden’s tub as Batman locks her in. While the police release her, a desperate Moth pleads to Batman, “Moth learned her lesson—crime doesn’t pay.” Batman tells her it is too late as she is carted away with the Riddler.

Linda Gaye Scott was one of the more memorable molls due to the sexiness she brought to the role in her form fitting Moth costume and the fiestiness she brought to the part.  She quickly became one of the most popular TV actresses of the mid-sixties with memorable guest appearances on The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Green Hornet, and Lost in Space.  You can read more about Linda Gaye Scott in my book Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood. And Ms. Scott if you see this and are out there I would love to interview you for my next book!

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  1. I haven’t seen the BATMAN series in decades. Wasn’t Cind Malone (the real-life sister of Judy Strangis) a moll in one of the episodes?


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