Carol Lynley, 1961-1962

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It was back to the realm of suspense for Carol Lynley in 1962 when she guest starred on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in “Final Vow” playing a novitiate nun masquerading as a single career gal to get close to thief Clu Gulager who stole a valuable artifact that belongs to her convent. She quickly realizes she is in over her head and her life in jeopardy.

Carol Lynley top lined her next 1961 box office hit Return to Peyton Place the sequel to 1957’s smash Peyton Place. Not received as favorably (Judith Crist quipped, “It has enough soap suds to pollute the Mississippi along with the mind”) the movie still made $$$ and was the 15th highest grossing movie of the year. Carol Lynley is Allison MacKenzie, Eleanor Parker is her mother Connie, Tuesday Weld is Selena Cross, Brett Halsey is Ted Carter, and scene-stealer Mary Astor is acid-tongued bigot Roberta Carter.

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