After Gilligan’s Island ended its 3 year run in 1967, Tina Louise did her all not to get type cast in sexy “Ginger Grant” roles. She succeeded admirably more so than her cast mates particularly Bob Denver and Dawn Wells who both seemed to just love knocking Tina in the media. She played one of unhappily married Jean Simmons’ friends in The Happy Ending (1969) and was the tennis-loving Charmaine, the first wife to become a robot after Katherine Ross moves to the neighborhood in the classic The Stepford Wives (1974).

Below was a clip from one of Tina’s lesser known movies Mean Dog Blues (1978) but due to copyright infringement was removed.  She and William Windom play a battling rich couple who railroad hitchhiking country singer Gregg Henry take the fall for a hit-and-run caused by Windom. Assured he will get off, he is double-crossed and is sent to a desert prison from hell. Unfortunately, this isn’t available on DVD yet but since they went after the YouTube poster to take clip down maybe a release is in the works.