Trippin’ with Terry Southern

Trippin’ with Terry Southern: What I Think I Remember – A Memoir by Gail Gerber, with Tom Lisanti

Winner of the Silver Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards for Best Autobiography/Memoir of 2009.

 “A fascinating memoir of life with a grand guy… wry and compelling.” – Lee Hill, author

“An excellent view of Terry Southern as a human being” – Greg Cameron, Reviewscout

“Fascinating…paints a loving portrait of a wildly creative destructively naive genius.” – Steven Puchalski, Shock Cinema

“Written very engagingly…you’ll really feel like you “know” Terry Southern, and I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” – Chuck L. Zigman, author of The World’s Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films of Jean Gabin

“A poignant look at her 30-year relationship with Southern, a bona fide celebrity…” – Ed Robertson, TV Confidential

In 1964 writer Terry Southern met actress Gail Gerber whose stage name was Gail Gilmore on the set of The Loved One.  He was enjoying his success from co-writing the risqué novel Candy and the movie comedy , and she had just co-starred with Elvis Presley in Girl Happy.  Despite the fact that they were both married, there was an instant connection and they stayed a couple until his death over thirty years later. 

In her memoir, Gail recalls what life was like with “the hippest guy on the planet” as they traveled from LA to New York to Europe and back again.  She reveals what went on behind the scenes of her movies including The Girls on the Beach and Village of the Giants and Southern’s movies including The Cincinnati Kid, Barbarella, Casino Royale, The Magic Christian, and Easy Rider.  And she relives the “highs” hanging out with The Rolling Stones, Peter Sellers, and Anita Pallenberg in Swinging ‘60s London to the lows barely scraping by on a Berkshires farm during the ‘70s & ‘80s as the talented satirist, now abusing drugs and alcohol and in debt to the IRS, found himself scrambling to support two households by writing spec screenplays with friends and wannabe movie producers.

Through the decades an eclectic array of people passed through Terry and Gail’s lives together including George Plimpton, Stanley Kubrick, Lenny Bruce, Rip Torn, Geraldine Page, Tina Aumont, Tony Richardson, Roger Vadim, Jane Fonda, William Burroughs, Jean Genet, Joy Harmon, Aron Kincaid, Ringo Starr, Norman Mailer, Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Stella Adler, Michael Parks, Harry Nillson, George Segal, Amy Wright, Whoopi Goldberg, Ilene Kristen, and Perry Richardson.  A few friends even have contributed anecdotes to Gail’s memoir including producer Si Litvinoff, musician/composer David Amram, actress/writer Angelica Page Torn, and author Darius James.

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