Film Fatales

Film Fatales: Women in Espionage Films & Television, 1962 to 1973  by Tom Lisanti and Louis Paul

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Sean Connery began the sixties spy boom playing James Bond in Dr. No and From Russia with Love. Their success inspired every studio in Hollywood and Europe to release everything from serious knockoffs to way out spoofs on the genre featuring debonair leading men, futuristic gadgets, exotic locales, and some of the world’s most beautiful actresses whose roles ranged from the innocent caught up in a nefarious plot to the femme fatale.

Profiled herein are 107 dazzling women, well known and unknown, who had film and television appearances in the spy genre. The Bond girls, Flint girls, Matt Helm girls plus the sexy European babes romanced by OSS 117, Diabolik and Agent 077 are included.
From superstars Jacqueline Bisset (Casino Royale), Doris Day (Caprice), Raquel Welch (Fathom) and Ann-Margret (Murderers’ Row) to European and Asian starlets Erika Blanc (Mission Bloody Mary & The Spy Kills Silently), Tsai Chin (The Face of Fu Manchu & You Only Live Twice), Marisa Mell (Secret Agent Superdragon & Diabolik) and Margaret Lee (Bang! Bang! You’re Dead & OSS 117 Murder for Sale); from international sex goddesses Ursula Andress (Dr. No), Elke Sommer (Deadlier Than the Male & The Wrecking Crew), Luciana Paluzzi (Thunderball & The Venetian Affair) and Senta Berger (The Spy with My Face & The Ambushers) to American beauties Eileen O’Neill (A Man Called Dagger), Gloria Hendry (Live and Let Die), Jean Hale (In Like Flint) and Lana Wood (Diamonds Are Forever) and small screen sweethearts Diana Rigg (The Avengers), Stefanie Powers (The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.), Barbara Feldon (Get Smart) and Barbara Bain (Mission: Impossible).

Each profile includes a filmography that lists the actresses’ more notable films. Twenty-four profiles include the actresses’ recent candid comments and anecdotes about their films and television shows, the people they worked with, and their feelings about acting in the spy genre.

A complete list of all 107 Film Fatales:
Beverly Adams, Ursula Andress, Pier Angeli, Ann-Margret, Laura Antonelli, Claudine Auger, Tina Aumont, Barbara Bain, Alexandra Bastedo, Senta Berger, Martine Beswicke, Daniela Bianchi, Jacqueline Bisset, Honor Blackman, Erika Blanc, Dominque Boschero, Barbara Bouchet, Thordis Brandt, Anna Capri, Judy Carne, Helene Chanel, Greta Chi, Tsai Chin, Joan Collins, Yvonne Craig, Doris Day, Lynda Day George, Danielle De Metz, Mimi Dillard, Karin Dor, Andrea Dromm, Shirley Eaton, Rossella Falk, Sharon Farrell, Barbara Feldon, Anne Francis, Eunice Gayson, Gila Golan, Shelby Grant, Alizia Gur, Jean Hale, Mie Hama, Susan Hart, Gloria Hendry, Sharyn Hillyer, Jill Ireland, Karen Jensen, Kathy Kersh, Sylva Koscina, Nancy Kovack, Nancy Kwan, Jocelyn Lane, Sue Ane Langdon, Daliah Lavi, Margaret Lee, Suzanna Leigh, Helga Line, Sue Lloyd, Beba Loncar, Tina Louise, Joanna Lumley, BarBara Luna, Deanna Lund, Carol Lynley, Arlene Martel, Marlyn Mason, Lois Maxwell, Diane McBain, Marisa Mell, Donna Michelle, Mary Ann Mobley, Terry Moore, Rosalba Neri, Rosemary Nicols, France Nuyen, Eileen O’Neill, Luciana Paluzzi, Trina Parks, Joanna Pettet, Nyree Dawn Porter, Stefanie Powers, Dorothy Provine, Eva Renzi, Janine Reynaud, Diana Rigg, Salli Sachse, Jill St. John, Tura Satana, Jane Seymour, Nancy Sinatra, Sylvia Solar, Elke Sommer, Stella Stevens, Yoko Tani, Sharon Tate, Linda Thorson, Maggie Thrett, Irene Tsu, Sigrid Valdis, Monica Vitti, Ira von Furstenberg, Lesley Ann Warren, Raquel Welch, Lana Wood, Celeste Yarnall and Francine York.

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