I have been waiting years for Turner Classic Movies to show Carol Lynley some love and they finally will just months before my BearManor Media tribute book Carol Lynley, Lady in Peril: Her Film & TV Career in Thrillers, Fantasy and Suspense comes out in March 2020! Here’s hoping for a future TCM tribute featuring me talking about some of her lady in peril roles in movies maybe aired such as The Shuttered Room, The Poseidon Adventure, and The Cat and the Canary.

8:00 PM Bunny Lake Is Missing (‘65)
10:00 PM Blue Denim (‘59)


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  • John Black

    That could happen, as I’m sure that Ben M. (I can’t spell his last name) remembers you from the beach party summer series of a few years ago. If you haven’t already, you should let him know about your upcoming book.

    • The TC< producer from my prior time on the show tried to get me on again but they had too many shoots scheduled and couldn't fit in any more.

  • John. Black

    Well, that’s a shame, but good to know that they’re aware of you. Perhaps in the future, lightning will strike twice.

  • Michael

    There are probably plenty of Baby Boomers who watch TCM and remember Lynley from Poseidon, Bunny Lake, Return To Peyton Place, etc. I hope you get another guest shot to promote your book.

  • I’m feeling so sad right now. The TCM tribute and upcoming book announcements are bittersweet. I’m sorry she did not live to see them.

    • Yes sad and Carol once again has bad timing. Rings true throughout her career.

  • BSK2

    Very timely but for the saddest reason; Carol has just passed away aged 77. RIP.

  • Michael H

    It is very sad to lose her before your book is published. Feels so unfair to me. But at the very least, you’re honoring her work and I’m betting many fans will want to read it. Thanks for being a strong advocate for the 60s contract players.

    • Thanks Luckily she finally agreed to talk to me and cleared up lots of erroneous info written about her over the years and gave me lots of brief quotes about some of her movies and TV shows

  • John Black

    I’m glad you were able to talk with her. She probably really appreciated being able to clear up the erroneous things written and said about her.

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