If you are like me and can’t wait for this summer’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood from director Quentin Tarantino and starring Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate, then get a jump and read what is was like being a working actress in 1960s Hollywood directly from the mouths of such lovely actresses who lived through it such as Pamela Tiffin, Diane McBain,  Salli Sachse, Lana Wood, Celeste Yarnall, Francine York, Deanna Lund, Irene Tsu, Marlyn Mason, Donna Loren, Hilarie Thompson, Sue Ane Langdon, Carole Wells, Beverly Washburn, Anne Randall, Victoria Carroll, Corinne Cole, Bobbie Shaw, Valerie Starrett, Diane Bond, Darlene Tompkins, Quinn O’Hara, Nancy Czar, Lada Edmund, Jr., Maggie Thrett, plus many more in my various books from McFarland and Company and BearManor Media.


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  • John F. Black

    I’m no fan of Tarantino’s films, but this one looks like a lot of fun, especially the re-creation of Hollywood movie theaters from that era. I used to visit LA every other year, and I am especially glad to see the Larry Edmunds Cinema Bookshop flash by in the trailer. This may or may not be a great Manson film, but I think it will be a great Hollywood film.

    The theaters shown in the trailer are sporting posters from the actual films that were playing in those houses in 1969. The Cinerama Dome has posters for KRAKATOA, EAST OF JAVA, for example. When those posters were put up for the filming, people around LA actually thought that KRAKATOA was being revived! The theater was actually reviving 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY at that time. E

    Even if the main story sucks, I will probably buy this on Blu-ray just for the images of Hollywood, circa 1969.

    • Looking forward too especially to see what 60s actors and actresses turn up as characters

  • John Black

    According to the IMDB, “characters” will include Sharon Tate, James Stacy, Steve McQueen, Joanna Pettet, Lulu, Connie Stevens, Bruce Lee, Sam Wanamaker, Roman Polanski, Mama Cass, and Humble Harv (an infamous DJ who went to prison for killing his wife). Also, many hippies, starlets, Playboy bunnies, and other such characters as Manson family members..

    The info was updated as of November, 2018, so I don’t know if it’s still accurate or not. The film will debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and then open theatrically in late July.

    • Yes I saw that too and am waiting for an update. Think someone plays Wayne Maunder so maybe one of the characters is working on the TV series Lancer.

  • John F. Black

    I see that the late Luke Perry appears as “Wayne Maunder” in Tarantino’s film. Some might recall Maunder from the one-season series LEGEND OF CUSTER, or perhaps his brief appearance in Russ Meyer’s THE SEVEN MINUTES.

    • I believe the Leonardo diCaprio character makes a guest appearance on Maunder’s western TV series Lancer co-starring James Stacy.

  • Michael

    Keep in mind that Tarantino had to cut some of the real life characters out of the version that was shown at Cannes because it ran too long. He has been quoted as saying he may release a four hour plus version at some point to bring those characters back into the film. I’m avoiding spoilers for the final segment but I keep hearing it’s very revisionist. Can’t wait to see this.

    • Thanks for sharing. Have no idea why someone is playing Connie Stevens. Her movie career was washed up by 1969 and she is a throwback to the late fifties and was not considered cool by then.

  • Michael

    The only Connie Stevens connection I can make is her marriage to James Stacy, who starred in a Western series titled Lancer in the late sixties. From what I understand – spoiler alert – the DiCaprio character guest stars on that show and has some scenes with Timothy Olyphant, who plays Stacy. Maybe the script called for Stevens to visit her husband on set. Not sure if her scene made it to the cut shown at Cannes though. She would be a very minor character IMO.

    • Thanks for the info. Sounds plausible. God knows Connie Stevens has no relevance for late 1960s movie fans.

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