I am a bit late on this , but with all the Elvis movie marathons I thought I would share my top 5 1960s Elvis movies. My ranking as changed over the last few years and I know I will get grief over this but as of today my favorites stand as:

  1. Paradise, Hawaiian Style (high flying Elvis, gorgeous Hawaiian scenery, catchy songs, Marianna Hill, Irene Tsu, Suzanna Leigh, and a bevy of even more beauties, what more can you ask for?)
  2. Roustabout (Elvis as a tight black jean clad biker meets carny owner Barbara Stanwyck in a rousing carnival setting backed by Joan Freeman and Sue Ane Langdon, ‘nough said.)
  3. Girl Happy (The title says it all with Elvis and his combo on Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale where the girls are: Shelley Fabares, Mary Ann Mobley, Chris Noel, Lyn Edgington, Gail Gerber, Nancy Czar, Pamela Curran.)
  4. Kid Galahad (Elvis goes dramatic to excellent affect as a returning G.I. who becomes a sparring partner at a boxing camp run by Gig Young. Guess who wins the big fight and gets the girl, Joan Blackman, by fadeout?)
  5. Kissin’ Cousins (An amusing hillbilly hoedown with not one but two Elvi as a brunette service man and his brainadled blonde cousin whose family owns mountain land that those varmit government types want to buy. With Yvonne Craig and Pamela Austin as barefootin’ Daisy Maes dark-haired Elvis cannot seem to be able to choose. Best scene is watching Elvis wrestle himself.)

Honorable Mention: Blue Hawaii; Clambake; Easy Come, Easy Go


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  • Michael H

    Paradise Hawaiian Style was never one of my favorites but if you like it that much, I’ll take another look.

    My Top Five are Girl Happy, Blue Hawaii, Kid Galahad, King Creole and Jailhouse Rock.

    Shelley Fabares was his best leading lady. I thought he had more onscreen chemistry with her than with Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas. It almost felt like they were competing with each other to see who could steal the spotlight. Girl Happy had great songs, an engaging plot and better production values than the AIP beach films. I probably like Blue Hawaii more for the scenery, musical score and Angela Lansbury’s over the top Southern belle than anything else. The more serious role in Kid Galahad suited him well and he was surrounded by a group of talented actors, especially Gig Young and Lola Albright. Elvis’ best dramatic performances IMO were in King Creole and Jailhouse Rock. I wish he had found at least one other strong dramatic role before he passed.

    You included Roustabout, which I liked too. That film boasted a bevy of sixties starlets in supporting and bit roles: Sue Ann Langdon, Raquel Welch, Joan Staley, Marianna Hill, Beverly Adams, Lynn Borden, Teri Garr and Joy Harmon. That ‘s quite a lineup, the likes of which we will never see again. Ah, the sixties….

    • Paradise, Hawaiian Style is hardly anyone’s favorite but mine. ABC 4:30 Movie aired it many more times than Blue Hawaii of Girls! Girls! Girls! so it is more a nostalgic thing for me.

      I agree Viva Las Vegas is way overrated and the story line is really thin more so than in some of his other movies. Roustabout would have been #1 for me if Pamela Tiffin would have agreed to do it but Joan Freeman is fine and yes chock full of starlets. Shelley Fabares is just wonderful in all three movies and Clambake almost made my top 5.

      I limited to the 1960s but yes his 1950s movies were best received especially King Creole and Jailhouse Rock.

  • John Black

    Late last year, a small label pre-announced a Blu-ray of LOVING YOU, but nothing more has happened. Perhaps they ran into some difficulties?

    My 5 favorite Elvis flicks:

    IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD’S FAIR (I’m from Seattle)

    • Thanks. I limited my list to his 1960s movies so that is why none of his 50s movie made my list.

  • Michael H

    Not to be obsessive, but I’m revising my list to cover just the sixties.

    Girl Happy
    Blue Hawaii
    Kid Galahad
    It Happened At The World’s Fair

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