Talking Sixties Drive-in Movies

Available now in soft cover  from BearManor Media! My newest book Talking Sixties Drive-in Movies!

A collection of profiles, interviews, and tributes about actors and films popular with the drive-in movie crowd during the sixties. Interviewees include Arlene Charles, Nancy Czar, Shelley Fabares, Gail Gerber, Christopher Riordan, and Irene Tsu talking Elvis Presley musicals; Bobbi Shaw and Steven Rogers talking beach party movies; Jan Watson and Diane Bond talking spy spoofs; Nicoletta Machiavelli talking spaghetti westerns; Mimsy Farmer, Maggie Thrett, Lara Lindsay, and Lada Edmund, Jr. talking alienated youth movies; and Valerie Starrett talking biker films. Some of the chapters center on one movie or a genre while others are career profiles with a main focus on one or two drive-in movies.


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  • John Black

    I’ll order this as soon as Bear Manor announces it.

    I wish that you could interview Kate Manx (from the nearly lost 1960 shocker PRIVATE PROPERTY) but she committed suicide in the mid-1960’s. A beautiful and classy blonde. PRIVATE PROPERTY has just been released in a DVD/Blu-ray combo set.

    • I never heard of her so I looked up her credits. Interesting career. Wonder why she offed herself?

  • John Black

    PRIVATE PROPERTY (1960) was directed by her husband, Leslie Stevens. The film details a very unhappily married young woman, so perhaps art imitated life? Stevens was a fine cult filmmaker (PRIVATE PROPERTY, THE OUTER LIMITS, INCUBUS), but after 5 marriages, may not have been the world’s greatest husband.

    There are (for 1960) some hints of deviant sexuality that were ahead of their time for that era. I remember that era quite well, although I was only about 8 years old then. Most of the films I was seeing then were either Disney pictures or comedies about girls named Gidget or Tammy.

    Kate Manx was quite beautiful, but she may well have been the unfulfilled, needy woman that she played in PRIVATE PROPERTY.

    • Thanks, sounds like an interesting flick. I will check it out.

  • John Black

    Aside from the just-released Blu-ray/DVD combo set, the film is scheduled to air on TCM once in January.

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