Blonde bombshell Bobbi Shaw on Pajama Party co-star Annette Funicello: “She was kind of standoffish…I felt she was jealous…”

Diane Bond on Charlton Heston star of The War Lord: “For years I loathed him for copping a feel under the cloak.”

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  • John Black

    A friend of mine recalls speaking with a member of the band The Kingsmen, who I think were in one of the Beach Party films. The band member commented that Annette wouldn’t speak to them on the set.

    • Yes, I heard she was shy and more of a loner. Had only a handful of friends like Luree Holmes and her sister Laura Nicholson from these movies. Some took that for being snobbish.

  • Michael

    I recall seeing a candid of Annette laughing with Bobbi Shaw on set in one of those Beach Boys or Beach Girls magazines that came out back then. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, but I trust that Bobbi Shaw’s recollection is accurate. My sense of Annette is that she was very sheltered by her parents and Walt Disney. There was perhaps a bit of a princess complex going on that kept her from mingling or letting her bouffant down with the rest of the cast. On the other hand, I’ve never heard anyone say she was unkind or unprofessional. I think she just gravitated towards more reserved peers like Shelley Fabares and the two you mentioned.

    • Yes totally agree. What I learned Annette was a total professional so if she was told to pose for magazine photos with cast members, I am sure she did without a problem. But she had only a very small circle of friends from these movies. Jody McCrea and Salli Sachse both had experiences with Annette like Bobbi, which they shared with me.

  • Michael

    A quick follow-up question: any insight into Annette’s relationship with BBB co-star Deborah Walley? They seem like polar opposites to me, but I know that Walley attended Annette’s wedding to Jack Gilardi right after they wrapped BBB. Or do you think her presence at the wedding was because she was married to John Ashley at the time?

    • Sorry i really do not know anything about their relationship. I would be surprised though if she really was friendly with John Ashley or Deborah Walley.

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