tsdimSoft cover edition of my new book Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies is now available on Amazon.

Talking Sixties Drive-in Movies is a collection of profiles, interviews, and tributes about actors and films popular with the drive-in movie crowd during the sixties. Interviewees include Arlene Charles, Nancy Czar, Gail Gerber, Christopher Riordan, and Irene Tsu talking Elvis Presley musicals; Bobbi Shaw and Steven Rogers talking beach party movies; Jan Watson and Diane Bond talking spy spoofs; Nicoletta Machiavelli talking spaghetti westerns; Mimsy Farmer, Lara Lindsay, LAda Edmund, Jr., and Maggie Thrett talking alienated youth movies; and Valerie Starrett talking biker films. Some of the chapters center on one movie or a genre while others are career profiles with a main focus on one or two drive-in movies.

First official review is in from Library Journal (link to full review):

Recommended for film lovers everywhere.”—Roy Liebman, formerly with California State Univ., Los Angeles/Library Journal

More raves from the interviewees:

A lovely book…amazing. Quoted me exactly. Not what I am used to.”—Lara Lindsay

I just love it [and] think it’s great! I am very pleasantly surprised at how detailed, correct, and complimentary.”—Jan Watson


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  • John Black

    I now have a copy of the paperback edition. I’ve read one chapter, the one on Lada Edmund, Jr. The timing of that works, because OUT OF IT is scheduled to appear on a cable channel next week. I haven’t seen it in years. I assume that MGM owns it via the UA library, so I’m honestly surprised that it has never been released on home video. It should have come out as a MOD at least, especially with the still well-regarded Jon Voight in the cast.

    Somewhere, I have a recording of Lada performing “I Need a Man,” which she does in what seems to be a growling tribute to the song stylings of James Brown.

    Very interesting interview with her, which I enjoyed. I always thought that she was a jack of all trades, good enough at dancing, acting, and singing, but not great at any of them. Perhaps the stunt work was her true calling.

    I guess she didn’t want to mention her stint as a female boxer and referee. I saw an article about that a few years ago. She could throw a good punch but had no concept of defense, so she got the snot knocked out her by better boxers. She moved on to referee, but probably isn’t doing that anymore.

    The article and accompanying interview were fun to read, and I look forward to visiting other chapters of TALKING SIXTIES in the future.

    • Thanks for getting a copy and glad you enjoyed the chapter on Lada.

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