Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies


Proud to announce that my latest book Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies from BearManor Media is now available in hard cover through Amazon.

The book is a collection of profiles, interviews, and tributes about actors and films popular with the drive-in movie crowd during the sixties. Interviewees include Arlene Charles, Nancy Czar, Shelley Fabares, Gail Gerber, Christopher Riordan, and Irene Tsu talking Elvis Presley musicals; Bobbi Shaw and Steven Rogers talking beach and beach parties-in-the-snow movies; Slaymate Jan Watson and Flint Girl Diane Bond talking spy spoofs; Nicoletta Machiavelli talking spaghetti westerns; Mimsy Farmer, Lada Edmund, Jr., and Lara Lindsay talking alienated youth movies; Valerie Starrett talking biker films; and Maggie Thrett and screenwriter Stephen Yafa talking about the making of Three in the Attic.

Advanced copies sent to the interviewees and below is what they had to say:

“It’s marvelous. Great job!” Bobbi Shaw Chance

“Informative, amusing, and wonderful. This is definitely a book we all need to read at this time. True entertainment…about entertainment.” Christopher Riordan

“WOW WOW WOW! [Tom’s] writing is so descriptive and entertaining. I was absolutely thrilled beyond that you had included so much about me.” Charlie Smith aka Arlene Charles
“Ignited the embers of some distant  memories. It’s entertaining and informative, and [Tom’s] enduring passion for those Moviola belles and brutes brings a warm smile.” Stephen Yafa

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  • John Black

    I’ll plan to order a copy around March 1st. Looking forward to reading the book.

    • Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy it. Hard cover is available now. Soft cover sometime in March or thereafter.

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