Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies


Proud to announce that my latest book Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies from BearManor Media is now available in hard cover through Amazon.

The book is a collection of profiles, interviews, and tributes about actors and films popular with the drive-in movie crowd during the sixties. Interviewees include Arlene Charles, Nancy Czar, Shelley Fabares, Gail Gerber, Christopher Riordan, and Irene Tsu talking Elvis Presley musicals; Bobbi Shaw and Steven Rogers talking beach and beach parties-in-the-snow movies; Slaymate Jan Watson and Flint Girl Diane Bond talking spy spoofs; Nicoletta Machiavelli talking spaghetti westerns; Mimsy Farmer, Lada Edmund, Jr., and Lara Lindsay talking alienated youth movies; Valerie Starrett talking biker films; and Maggie Thrett and screenwriter Stephen Yafa talking about the making of Three in the Attic.

Advanced copies sent to the interviewees and below is what they had to say:

“It’s marvelous. Great job!” Bobbi Shaw Chance

“Informative, amusing, and wonderful. This is definitely a book we all need to read at this time. True entertainment…about entertainment.” Christopher Riordan

“WOW WOW WOW! [Tom’s] writing is so descriptive and entertaining. I was absolutely thrilled beyond that you had included so much about me.” Charlie Smith aka Arlene Charles
“Ignited the embers of some distant  memories. It’s entertaining and informative, and [Tom’s] enduring passion for those Moviola belles and brutes brings a warm smile.” Stephen Yafa

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  • John Black

    I’ll plan to order a copy around March 1st. Looking forward to reading the book.

    • Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy it. Hard cover is available now. Soft cover sometime in March or thereafter.

  • Michael

    My copy just arrived. Looking forward to hearing what Lada Edmund, Jr., Bobbi Shaw and others have to say about that era. It seems so long ago now, yet when I look at the list of names in your book, I realize the last years of the studio contract system boasted an impressive array of talent. One of the things that still baffles me is, why did some of these talented women not become huge stars? I’ll post a review on Amazon when I finish it.

    • Thanks for getting a copy! Hope you enjoy it and thanks for doing an Amazon review. Appreciate it.

      Yes, I agree a lot of talented 60s actresses didn’t hit super stardom. You really did have to have the drive ala Raquel Welch to enhance the acting prowess.

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