PTBlogJust signed and returned  contract with McFarland and Company for my new book Pamela Tiffin: The Actress, the Icon, the Films continueing with my series of books on Sixties Starlets.

Pamela Tiffin began her film career in 1961 as a scene-stealing comedienne in the classic Billy Wilder comedy One, Two, Three before she became the teen queen of teenage camp with State Fair, Come Fly with Me, For Those Who Think Young, and The Pleasure Seekers where TCM dubbed her “Hollywood’s favorite air-headed ingénue in the Sixties.” After landing a sexy adult role in Harper, she ran away to Italy to star in sex comedies including Kiss the Other Sheik and The Blonde in the Blue Movie; a giallo The Fifth Cord, and the western Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears. Her leading men ranged from James Darren and Bobby Darin, to James Cagney, Burt Lancaster, and Paul Newman, to Marcello Mastroianni, Franco Nero, and Vittorio Gassman. Tiffin’s beauty and comedic talent so evident in her Hollywood movies, coupled with her running off to Italy at the height of her fame, have made her a cult pop icon with fans of Sixties cinema to this day.

Not a biography, this book is a filmography though the first section “Pamela Tiffin: From Hollywood to Rome” traces Pamela Tiffin’s acting career in a chronological order including her time on the stage. The second section focuses on her movies and her U.S. TV shows. Each is divided into three sections—Backstory; Synopsis; and Reviews and Box Office. The last section is a list of appearances she made on film, radio, or television as herself. Excerpts from a variety of sources are incorporated including new interviews with film historians (Roberto Curti, Howard Hughes, Dean Brierly), and actors and crew members (including Hugh O’Brian, Larry Hankin, asst. director Tim Zinnemann) who worked with the actress. There are many publicity photos, on-set stills, and film posters.



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  • You finally did it!! I can’t wait until I have it in my hands!!

  • John Black

    She’s not a favorite of mine, but I’m certainly looking forward to the book. I see that you’ve “returned” to McFarland, which is interesting.

    • Yes, CreateSpace via Amazon for Dueling Harlows was an interesting experiment, but having a book released by a publisher still gives it more cache.

  • Michael H

    One of my top favorites from the 60’s and I look forward to reading this. Congrats!

  • John Black

    I recall a headline about Pamela Tiffin on the cover of an issue of either Modern Screen magazine or Screen Stories magazine, circa 1962 or so. The headline was “So Hot She Sizzles!” However, when I finally saw her if a film, she seemed more like a comedienne than a sex bomb.

    • She was a sex kitten masquerading as the girl-next-door in Hollywood. It wasn’t until Harper and when she dyed her hair blonde and went to Italy that the sex bomb emerged.

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