I want to plug to wonderful online interviews that I felt were not only entertaining but insightful and interesting. Click here to read all about 1artist and former ’60s beach party actress Salli Sachse. She appeared in the second Frankie and Annette beach movie Muscle Beach Party and worked in all of them straight through The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. While most of the other beach bases hung up their bikinis when the genre was washed away with the tide, Salli donned biker leather for Devil’s Angels and mod attire as the LSD Freak-Out Girl in The Trip.

Click here for my friend Shaun Chang’s even more engrossing interview with Ana Alicia best remembered as scheming vixen Melissa on TV’s hit prime time ’80s soap Falcon Crest. They chat about that show and lots of her TV appearances prior while under contract to Universal and her time on the daytime soap Ryan’s Hope.




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