I admit I am looking forward to Disney’s homage to the 60s beach party films with their upcoming Teen Beach Movie though it does look sort of goofy more so than the films it is poking fun at. But if they really wanted to salute the genre they should have added a scene with Frankie Avalon leading a group of seniors (former beach stars like Mike Nader, Salli Sachse, Donna Loren, Bobbi Shaw, Ed Garner, Susan Hart, Patti Chandler, Quinn O’Hara, Christopher Riordan, Chris Noel, Lana Wood, Gail Gerber, James Darren, Linda Rogers, Marta Kristen, etc) commenting on the antics of the young surfing crowd. Scene could have been lifted directly from Bikini Beach (1964).
Click here to read an article in the New York Times and below is the official trailer.
And if you want to read about how the 1960s beach movie craze began with interviews from the beach actors and actresses themselves, check out my book:

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  • John Black

    Wasn’t even aware of the Disney film. I’m sure you’ll review it here when you’ve seen it.

    Meanwhile, BACK TO THE BEACH will be rereleased as a MOD disc.

    Did the Dolores Hart book ever come out?

    • Yes, will review it for sure.

      Reading the Dolores Hart book now and am enjoying. Will review that as well when I am finished.

  • John Black

    I do hope that quite a bit of Dolores Hart’s book is show biz bio, rather than spiritual quest inspirationalism (is that even a word?).

    • There is both and quite interesting so far.

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