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A number of weeks ago I did a Blog about actress Valerie Starrett whom I interviewed about the hit biker movie Run, Angel, Run with William Smith. Near the end of the interview we spoke about her time on General Hospital where she originated the popular role of Diana Maynard Taylor in 1969. Starrett left the role in 1977 at the time when Tom Donovan took over as executive producer, brought in new directors and wanted to take the show in a different direction. This included the Diana Taylor character who would go from the show’s popular heroine to a more grasping desperate woman. Starrett left (Brooke Bundy took over as Diana) and her fans were outraged. Shortly after Donovan was replaced by Gloria Monty. With Luke and Laura now the soap’s main focus, Diana was pushed to the backburner and became more grasping than ever trying to keep her adoptive son from the birth mother. To put the character and the audience out of their misery, Diana was found murdered lying in a pool of blood in her kitchen with the name Ann Logan spelled out in blood.

My Blog was picked up by General Hospital web sites and fans still outraged considering what was were posted on my Blog. Below is Valerie’s response to them:

“Hi!  It’s Valerie Starrett.  I just saw this!  The fans mean’t everything to me!  and you are all right!  I did not like the direction Diana was going and I ‘m happy I got out before it went downhill.  You have no  Idea how much I enjoyed being Diana and will forever thank you for watching me!  As a funny side note, I am still best friends with Rachel Ames, Audrey!  We see movies and plays together often!”





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  • John Black

    Well, that was a very successful blog!

  • Keith Koniow

    Diana Taylor was my favorite character on GH. Valerie Starrett was so popular and I miss her till this day. I was just a kid when I fell in love with her character.

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