Mother Dolores Hart is getting lots of press due to her long-awaited upcoming autobiography, The Ear of the Heart: An Actress’ Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows. Click here for a very insightful piece by my friend Shaun comparing her real life to her reel life in Where the Boys Are.

One of my favorite web sites is Brian’s Drive-in Theater. He added new pages on four 1960’s starlets and one hunk of burning love, George Maharis. Loved him as a kid and now even more knowing that he is gay.

Diane McBain

Francine York

Connie Stevens

Stella Stevens

George Maharis


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  • John Black

    I have to admit that I’m really surprised to learn that Maharis is gay. I would never have suspected it.

    • True, but he did an awful lot of modeling for male physique magazines in his younger years. And he ws never seriously linked romantically with any woman. Think he sort of went the Richard Chamberlain route.

  • John Black

    I think both of them, like so many other 1960’s celebrities, recorded a mediocre LP or two. The amount of hapless movie and TV stars who made ill-advised recordings could fill a book.

    • Yes, you are right they both did as did Connie Stevens who had one of the thinnest voices ever for a vocalist. Sheeley Fabares is probably one of the few who admitted she couldn’t sing and gave credit to the producers and engineers for making her sound passable. And this is despite her going to #1 with “Johnny Angel.”

  • John Black

    Another who recorded an album “line by line” (like Shelley Fabares) was Dwayne Hickman, who wrote humorously about it in his wonderful autobiography. He mentions a day in which somebody brought Paul Anka into the studio. Anka said nothing at all to anybody. The engineer played Dwayne’s recording of “High School Dance.” Anka listened to half of it while seated right in front of a giant speaker. Halfway through the playback, Anka stood up, shook his head no, and left the room, again without uttering any words to anyone.

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