As readers of my Blog know I am a huge fan of sixties starlet Pamela Tiffin and am working on a book about her films from Hollywood to Rome. Most of her Italian movies are a rare breed to find on DVD so when one does appear it is a treat. That is until you pop it into the DVD player and find her voice is dubbed by another actress. That is the case with the newly released The Blonde in the Blue Movie.

tumblr_lbdtgr4w831qa70eyo1_500Originally released as Il vichingo venuto dal Sud (The Viking Who Came from the South) in 1971, it stars Lando Buzzanca as an Italian businessman who transfers to Denmark to experience a more liberated lifestyle. He falls in love with a free-spirited blonde coed played by Pamela. How free-spirited is she? Well to pay her tuition she stars in porno movies! Despite the subject manner and DVD box cover art, the movie is not that exploitative and more a study of the different cultures.

The box cover art lists the name The Blonde in the Blue Movie (the UK and Australian title). However, the actual movie when played is titled No One Will Notice You’re Naked. It is indicated that the DVD was produced from the sole remaining print of the version that received very limited release, if that, in the States. Watching you notice from the get-go that the transfer was from a very poor quality print . It was not re-mastered and features lines and knicks throughout.

Though Retromedia deserves high marks for releasing this obscure Italian import in the U.S., Pamela’s fans will be disappointed that she did not dub her own voice. Making matters even worse, the actress that did has an Italian accent though the character is Danish. Pamela however looks gorgeous running around Denmark in her stylish early seventies garb. Just savor her vision of loveliness and try to ignore the atrocious dubbing.


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  • John Black

    Pamela may not have been a member of the Italian Dubbing Union, which was a requirement (at least in the 1960’s) for an expatriate actor performing their own dubbing in Italy. That is why we don’t hear Boris Karloff’s voice in the Italian version of BLACK SABBATH. It is disconcerting to see Karloff while hearing the voice of a man with a thick Italian accent. Christopher Lee dubbed foreign versions of his films in some languages, such as German, but not Italian until he eventually joined the Italian Dubbing Union.

    • Interesting, I didn’t know their was an Italian Dubbing Union. That could be the cause. Another one of her movies The Godson turned up online in English and her voice is dubbed by another actress.

  • They had to deal with an “expiration date” in those careers often because the knowledge of nutrition and biochemistry was less than today. Notice how our “Stars” who are over 40 can in fact often look pretty good. I think some things about science have improved a little. It makes me have deepest respect for the kind of personal and professional pressure they were under back in those days.

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