This being the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise, Entertainment Weekly dedicated last week’s issue to the film icon with a mini-review of each movie. I was so happy to read this comment about Diamonds Are Forever, “Jill St. John got male moviegoers hot and bothered as the sassy, sex-kitten smuggler Tiffany Case, but we prefer Lana Wood’s Plenty O’Toole.” We certainly do!!! For me, St. John was one of the worst Bond girls ever, right up there with Denise Richards and Halle Berry. I found Jill shrill, not sassy. Lana, in the few scenes she had, totally stole the spotlight away and had me wishing it was Tiffany that disappeared from the movie and not Plenty.

Here in NYC, the IFC Center will be showing all Sean Connery’s Bond movies beginning next month. Click here for further information. Have seen Goldfinger on the big screen, may check out Thunderball. I love me some Luciana Paluzzi as titan-haired assassin Fiona Volpe.




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