A friend recently brought to my attention a promo for the cheesy TV-movie Friendship, Secrets and Lies (1978). It was the story of six sorority sisters who have a reunion only to have it spoiled by a nosy reporter who suspects one of them of killing her baby after secretly giving birth while in college.

This film would have been one of my all-time faves if not for the casting of Loretta Swit and Cathryn Damon as two of the suspects who kinda ruin it for me. The other four are faves of mine and true 60s starlets–Tina Louise, Shelley Fabares, Paula Prentiss and Stella Stevens. They should have been joined by Carol Lynley and Anjanette Comer making it a dream cast for me. On the bright side, 4 out of 6 ain’t bad. Now available on DVD through through Warner Bros. Archive.



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  • John Black

    Indeed, 4 out of 6, and young Sondra Locke is another plus for me.

    Unfortunately, I found it pathetically easy to figure out whodunit. No spoilers from me, however.

  • Shaun


    I respectfully disagree with your opinion here.

    First of all, it’s Cathryn Damon who is in this film, not Katherine Helmond.

    Second, it’s “Katherine Helmond” not “Catherine Helmond.”

    Third, Cathryn Damon and Loretta Swit were excellent in their roles. They brought a lot of heartfelt intelligence, gravitas, and maturity to their roles, qualities that were rarely seen in Carol Lynley or Anjanette Comer. Carol Lynley is good playing frightened, spacey little waifs, but she wouldn’t have been right in either Damon or Swit’s roles. And Comer’s voice is so wispy and weak that she wouldn’t have had the proper presence that both roles called for. (Comer only projected a tougher edge in “The Baby” but that was because her character was CRAZY!) Before I’d even consider Lynley or Comer, there is a LONG list of actresses I would consider before even settling for them: Yvette Mimieux, Tuesday Weld, Shirley Knight, Lois Nettleton, Jessica Walter, Janice Rule, Lee Meriwether, Sheree North, Mary Ann Mobley…even Ruth Buzzi!

    • Thanks for the correction.

      I never said that Carol or Anjanette would have been good in the roles, only that I personally would have liked to have seen them in the cast with the other 4 ladies as they all had that Sixties starlet connection. I never was a fan of Loretta Swit, though did think Cathryn Damon was just wonderful in Soap.

      • I see your point but what other roles would Carol and Anjanette have played but the ones already filled by Swit and Damon since the other 4 roles were taken (and you liked having them in the movie)? The only option would be to have everybody shift roles in order to get the cast configuration you want. Maybe then we COULD fit Ruth Buzzi in the cast!

        • I say we trash all of them and recast with Ruth Buzzi reuniting her with Teresa Graves, Barbara Sharma, Ann Elder, Pamela Rodgers, and Chelsea Brown. LOL

          • Whatever…so long as we have RUTH BUZZI!!!! in the cast…

  • Michael H

    This is another one I missed. Heading to Warner Archives to order this and My Blood Runs Cold. Thanks for the heads-up.


  • I love that Tina Louise and Stella Stevens are both in this. As any true film fan knows Tina originated the role of “Appassionata Von Climax” in the original Broadway production of “Li’l Abner” while Stella Stevens played the role in the film version.

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