Wonderful clips of some screen tests. Most interesting to me is Raquel Welch’s test with James Coburn for Our Man Flint a role she lost to Israeli actress Gila Golan. Also the brief clip of Raquel testing for the role of the ill-fated Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls–she took the blue pills. Raquel was offered the role, but turned it down.

One of the actresses seen testing for Jennifer was former Playboy Playmate Donna Michelle who played Animal in Beach Blanket Bingo.


Jean Hale who had just co-starred with James Coburn in In Like Flint also turned down Jennifer because of the semi-nudity. She opted for the violence in The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre instead.

Karen Jensen craved the role of Jennifer and thought she had it. She remarked in Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Hollywood, “When you go on interviews, sometimes you get the sense if they like you or don’t.  I really sensed that either producer David Weisbart or director Mark Robson—I can’t remember which—took a real liking to me and was pulling for me to get the part.  I went back a couple of times and I thought I had a real chance for it.” 

Sharon Tate is ultimately cast and gives a touching, understated performance as the vulnerable Jennifer. And she gets to utter that infamous unPC line, “You now how bitchy fags can be!” 



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  • Michael H

    Love these. I’ve always loved Raquel Welch and found her interesting although she struggled with dialog for a long time. It felt as if she was never really relaxed on film in the early phase of her film career. But she was quite good in a lighter role in The Three Musketeers and I thought she had moments of real depth in The Wild Party. I also respected what she attempted in Kansas City Bomber but the script and the direction did not help her. Another interesting film of hers was Hannie Caulder although Robert Culp stole every scene he was in. Although Myra Breckinridge was a mess, Raquel had some terrific moments going one-on-one with John Huston. One irrefutable thing about Raquel is she has maintained a long lasting image as an iconic sex symbol in spite of never starred in the kind of films that garner critical favor.

    • I actually like Raquel a lot in Fathom. Wonderful light entertaining spy movie directed by Leslie Martinson right after the movie version of Batman. Of her later movies, I agree Hannie Caulder one of the best. Falreup just came out on Warner Archives DVD to burn and always wanted to see that one due to her and James Stacy at his coolest before his tragic accident.

      • Agree completely about Fathom. Terrific light spoof of the Bond spy films with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek humor. Raquel loosened up in that film and made it even more fun. She was absolutely gorgeous too. Tony Francisosa had to go blonde to remind viewers he was in the same frame with her. LOL


  • Michael H

    Forgot to mention I had the opportunity to see Raquel in person last Feb. at the Lincoln Center Film Society retrospective in NYC. A couple other fans and I went together. We were fortunate to gain entrance to a private reception for her one evening. Have to say she looks amazing and she was friendly too. She did several Q & A’s during the event as well. This was a real treat for her fans.


    • I was supposed to go see Hannie Caulder, but at last minute couldn’t go. Would have loved to see it on big screen. Lucky you to chat with her. Seems very friendly. More so than she was to her fellow starlets back in the Sixties. LOL

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