What better way to celebrate a gorgeous spring day than watching a clip of Pamela Tiffin lip-synching Rodgers and Hammerstein’s beautiful song “It Might As Well Be Spring” from the 1962 version of State Fair? The lovely cult actress and her films from Hollywood to Rome will be the subject of my next book.


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  • Michael H

    Tom, happy to learn your next book will be about Pamela Tiffin.
    She was not only beautiful but also a talented comedienne when the material was good. I wish more of her studio films had been at the level of One, Two, Three versus The Lively Set and For Those Who Think Young. Hollywood also failed to capitalize on the dramatic potential she showed in Summer and Smoke. At least she landed a flashy part in Harper before she moved to Europe.

    • Thanks, Michael. I agree. Pamela has a sort of fascination due to her abandoning Hollywood for Rome (where she morphed from brunette to blonde sexpot)and the ever what might have been. Most of her Italian films never made it to U.S., but a few like the giallo The Fifth Cord and the spaghetti western Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears have become cult films.

  • John Black

    Weren’t you going to do another anthology book, featuring people like Nancy Czar, Mimsy Farmer, and some other actresses?

    • I have abandoned this project, as I want to continue writing books with beginning middle and end and not to any more interview profile books. Some of the interviews will show up on my Blog and one or two others in magazines.

  • John Black

    Although I look forward to the Pamela Tiffin book, I must confess that I’ve loved the interview profile books and would hate to see that format abandoned.

    I’m especially interested in seeing the Nancy Czar interview. If that piece appears in a magazine, rather than here on the Blolg, please give us a heads-up.

    • Thanks for interest JOhn. Will do. As a writer, profiles books are a step backwards for me and need to keep challenging myself. Will still do profile interviews but for my Blog or magazines. Book world isn’t what it used to be even from 12 years ago.

  • Oh wow Tom. I had no idea you were writing a book about Miss Pamela Tiffin! You know how much I adore her! Is she going to participate in the writing of the book? I know you’ve interviewed her before for your excellent Fantasy Femmes book a couple of years back. I still have my blog dedicated to her, although I had to move it when I was shut out of my previous account.

    If anyone is interested you can view it here:

    I finally got to see what Miss Tiffin looks like now, I found Abel Ferrara: Not Guilty and watched the scenes with her and daughter Echo.

    I wish you so much luck with the book. I know it’s going to be great!

    Please keep in touch with me I would love to promote it on my blog!

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