Click here to access Stephen Bowie’s The Classic TV History Blog where he turns recasting Mad Men into a sort of Fantasy Football game. Who would you cast in the roles if Mad Men was actually aired during the mid-Sixties? Below are my choices for 4 mad men and all the mod women (from my staple of starlets):

                                                                                                  Tom Tryon as Don

                                                                                                 Diane McBain as Betty

                                                                                              Tony Franciosa as Roger

                                                                                            Beverly Washburn as Peggy

                                                                                                      Sal Mineo as Pete

                                                                                                Francine York as Joan

                                                                                                Peter Lawford as Lane

                                                                                                   Marianna Hill as Jane

                                                                                                  Janet Margolin as Trudy

                                                                                                   Sue Casey as Mona

                                                                                                Yvonne Craig as Megan



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  • Chris Prouty

    Well, your casting of Tom, Diane & Tony is SUBLIME. Can’t argue there.

  • John Black

    I’ll have to think about the other roles, but I’d cast Chris Noel as Betty, and Terry Burnham as Don and Betty’s daughter.

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