AMC’s Mad Men is one of my favorite TV shows (no surprise there). But now it is really cooking for me as it is summer of 1966. The premiere episode Sunday was really good but what stood out for me were the ladies decked out in such wonderful mod clothes and hair styles. And I don’t mean the lead ones who play Peggy and Joan. They were both outclassed by Don’s new go-go bride Megan, who looking like Yvonne Craig in a slinky long-sleeved black minidress, seductively sang in French to her birthday boy husband at his surprise party in their fabulous NYC apartment complete with terrace; and Roger’s gorgeous wife Jane who looked like she stepped right out of the Valley of the Dolls complete with bitchy barbs thrown with a drink in one hand and her husband in the other.


I can’t wait for more and hope we see lots of Megan and Jane this season!




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  • John Black

    As a huge fan of the yeh-yeh girls like Sylvie Vartan, I very much enjoyed her song!

    I was disappointed with the episode otherwise, however. All of the characters (except for the British partner) just seemed to be pissed off. Two hours of that was a bit much.

    I hope the tone will change in the future I have liked MAD MEN in the past.

    • Good point. All the other characters were pissed off for most of the episode. Even still that party scene was such a standout I overlooked all the gloom and doom. LOL I also liked Joan’s hot-to-trot mother putting the subtle moves on the hot handyman. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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