Former 60s starlet Gail Gerber is doing her very first celebrity autograph convention this June in New York City. She is one of the many guests (including her Girls on the Beach co-star Lana Wood, Sherry Jackson, Beverly Washburn, and Ron Ely, TV’s Tarzan) who will be headlining Captain Celluloid’s Movie and TV World Con from June 15-17 at the Holiday Inn on W. 57th Street.

Gail will be selling copies of her memoir Trippin’ with Terry Southern and autographed photos from her movies. I will be joining her with copies of my new book Dueling Harlows.


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  • John Black

    Maybe you can get an interview with Sherry Jackson, since she’s expected to be there?

    Who are the other celebrities shown on the poster? My prehistoric dial-up computer can’t access a site for captain celluloid.

    • Other guests so far Larry Storch, Deborah Shelton, Karen Lynn Gorney, Candy Clark, Judy O’Dea, Greta Thyssen, and Geri Reischl.

  • John Black

    Aside from Sherry Jackson, Geri Reischl might be a fun interview. Before becomming a Brady girl, she was in I DISMEMBER MAMA with Zooey Hall.

  • FZ

    I went to the Captain Celluloid Show at the Hilton and there was a Record/CD show and no one knew anything about this so-called 3 Day Event.I work 6 days a week and take of an elderly parent, went out of my way to come into Manhattan today. This isn’t the first time Cap’n Celluloid canceled out guests and didn’t even give a heads up. This time NO SHOW, or Explanation.I went to his website and tried to contact him, it loads mollases slow and has a huge tribute to the 50’s Superman TV show, but, you have to subscribe to contact him. This is a disgrace, NEVER AGAIN. Sorry, I didn’t meet you, as for Cap’n Celluloid, says on his website his first concert was Woodstock, maybe, he forgot or is ill, but, if not, he’s an irresponsible burn out no one should EVER patronage again.

    • I am sorry for this. CAptain Celluloid cancelled the show I believe in April because he could not sell enough vendor tables. Yes, it is a poorly managed and promoted show (he only has MySpace and Facebook pages to advertise) and believe me if he ever decides to do another one I will not be participating. Tom

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