Below is another rare clip from the Electronovision production of Bill Sargent’s Harlow starring Carol Lynley. The actors portraying Laurel and Hardy aren’t bad. Having Al Jolson in blackface on his lunch break though is a bit much. Clip also features Lloyd Bochner as ficitious actor Marc Peters and Ginger Rogers wonderful as Mama Jean.


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  • John Black

    Ive begun to read DUELING HARLOWS. Unfortunately, moving for the first time in 12 years has only allowed me to read about 3 or 4 chapters so far. I’m enjoying it, and will return to it when this two-month move (I hate moving with a passion, and can only face up to doing so much per day) finally ends in early April–if I survive that long.

    One thing I realized by reading the introductory material is that I have never actually seen a Jean Harlow film! I don’t think that will affect my enjoyment of DUELING HARLOWS, however. I’m sure the Harlow films must appear on TCM from time to time, so maybe I’ll watch one at some point. I have no sense as to which are considered good films and which are lesser.

    • Good luck with your move. As for Jean Harlow movies, I would recommend Bombshell and Dinner at Eight.

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