As a kid during the Seventies, I was an avid watcher of the ABC 4:30 Movie in the NY metropolitan area. One of the many films that they showed over and over was The Pleasure Seekers (1964) that became a favorite of mine. Ann-Margret, Carol Lynley and Pamela Tiffin are three swingin’ gals living in Madrid out to trap themeselves a man. Below are two of my favorite scenes. First where pouty Carol Lynley (looking simply gorgeous) finally gets a chance with her married boss Brian Keith only to be acosted by his wife Gene Tierney in the ladies room ala Patty Duke and Susan Hayward in Valley of the Dolls (the films share the same producer). She is rescued by playboy reporter Gardner McKay and they go off to get drunk. The second (after fast forwarding through Ann-Margret and dreamy Andre Lawrence) has naive Pamela Tiffin thinking she is going to marry rich Spaniard Tony Franciosa only to learn from his elegant mother Isobel Elsom that she was had by the cad.




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