As regular followers of my Blog know, I love Miss Julie Newmar. She is one of my fave actresses of all-time and for me will be the ONLY Catwoman. She recently authored a self-help book called The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth that mixes in her insights for a better life with stories about her career. A slim 84 pages, it can be purchased at

Below is Part 1 of her sit down with Connie Martinson on the local California book chat show, Connie Martinson Talks Books. It is a bit bizarre as Martinson did not do her homework in regards to Miss Julie Newmar’s career. She could have gotten some of the answers to her simplistic questions straight from a Wikipedia bio on the actress. As expected, Miss Julie Newmar is a pro and answers them politely. Incidentally, I appeared on this program in 2001 to promote Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema and hopefully will be able to get it online soon.



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