After Gilligan’s Island wrapped its second season, Tina Louise jetted off to Italy to co-star with Ugo Tognazzi in the colorful social comedy, Il Fischio al naso (1967). Below is the trailer.  The full movie (in Italian with no subtitles unfortunately) is also available to watch. Tognazzi plays a philandering married businessman whose nose whistles, so he enters a toney private hospital to get cured. As he recovers, he moves up floor by floor where each one is less elegant and the people working there less attractive. Sexy Tina is one of the doctors treating him. She is beautifully photographed and never looked so stunning.


Though Ugo Tognazzi was a huge star on the continent, he never gained a footing in the U.S. Even when paired with Hollywood actresses like Tina, Pamela Tiffin, Juliet Prowse, etc. most of his films never saw the light of day in the States. This one is no exception. Too bad because Tina alone would have made it a must see.


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  • It’s interesting how many of these actresses were crossing the shores over to Italy to star in these European productions. I never knew Tina did as well. I know Ann-Margret made three of them in a two year period alone and of course our dear Pamela Tiffin made a career out of it.

    Thanks for the links. I’ll watch the full film tonight. Tina, as always looks amazing!

    • Also forgot to mention Mimsy Farmer and Lisa Seagram who worked in Italy.

  • Just found out Lola Falana did as well. They dubber her “The Black Venus”,

    • Interesting, I didn’t know that.

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