Former Sixties starlet Suzanna Leigh, most famous for being Elvis’ leading lady in my fave Paradise, Hawaiian Style, is once again in the news. Click here to read the NY Daily News item where it is alledged that in 1989 Leigh took and never gave back a ring given to a model friend by Sharon Tate and auctioned it off recently. The woman, whom she alledgedily took it from, recently died and her son, with discovered proof, is fighting tooth and nail to get it back. Leigh claimed she was the rightful owner and denied stealing it.

Leigh has gotten a lot of bad press recently with her continued attempts to exploit her relationship with Elvis. A few years ago during Elvis week in Memphis, she tried to launch a rival convention to it featuring a number of his co-stars. The Night of a 1000 Stars was a bust and only about a dozen showed up.


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  • Duncan Massey

    Suzanna has always been a bit cuckoo…I remember an interview she gave in the 80s on British TV program ‘Wogan’……when asked why the Pelvis never performed in England, rather than state the obvious – that ole Colonel Tom would not leave the US because he was a Dutch national, she started waffling about there being nowhere in England big enough for Elvis to appear….even when Terry Wogan suggested two weeks at the 72k capacity Wembley Stadium, Suzanna blithely insisted that even that would’ve been impossible for an artist of his stature – conveniently ignoring the fact that EP spent a lengthy portion of his career playing in 5k-ish rooms in Vegas. What an oaf she is.

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