Click the below link for Stephen Bowie’s fascinating, in-depth look at the cult 1960s sci-fi TV series, The Invaders. This was the show about the invasion of the Earth by aliens who have blended into the human race. Their only trait that gives them away is their deformed pinky finger. Roy Thinnes played architect David Vincent, the lone man who knows they are here and tries to convince the population of their existence.

Not only does Stephen provide an historical look at the making of the series with interviews with some of the surviving producers and writers, but he also offers a critical review of some of the episodes. I kept reading with bated breath wondering what he thought of actress Carol Lynley’s guest star turn in “The Believers” from the show’s second season. This was a pivotal episode as David Vincent finally found others who also believe of the aliens presence. As I had hoped, Stephen too felt this episode is one of the series best and praised Lynley for giving “an excellent performance” as Elyse Reynolds a pretty psychologist Vincent meets when captured by the aliens. Is she actually aiding Vincent or working against him? Lynley’s expert performance keeps the audience guessing right to the end.





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