Dueling Harlows has received its first official review and thankfully it is a rave:

“For fans of Jean Harlow or either of the actresses who portrayed her in “dueling” biopics, this will be a delicious read. As a lifelong Carol Lynley lover, I devoured it!

Exhaustively researched and lovingly written in extreme detail, Lisanti documents not only the competition between the producers/studios to secure, release and profit from their pictures (both were flops) but also provides synopses and interesting analysis of the players involved. You’ll learn more than you ever thought you could know about two rather obscure films of the early 1960s, but you’ll also get a sense of the industry at the time. Some fun photos enhance the enjoyment. Let’s get a 2 DVD set with Lisanti, Baker and Lynley commentaries!” –Nelson Aspen/journalist []



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  • John Black

    Nice review! At least, we have the Baker HARLOW on DVD, thanks to Olive Films. I doubt that the Carol Lynley version will surface commercially.

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