As a kid in the late sixties, I have to confess that my favorite TV actor (and singer) was teen idol Bobby Sherman. I would religiously watch his show Here Come the Brides every week and would beg my mother to let me watch it when they moved it to a later time slot after my bedtime. I even made a deal with a babysitter that if she let me stay up I wouldn’t tell my parents that she had friends over. [However, the next morning when my dad said he smelled cigarette smoke I slipped and ratted her out. I got a big mouth!).

Watching reruns of Here Come the Brides today and seeing how sexy Bobby was with that mane of brown hair and wearing those tight butt-hugging pants I now know why I was such a fan. And discovering that Sal Mineo had a thing for the actor who he helped discover according to the new biography on Mineo makes him even more enticing, Click here for the Cinebeats Blog to see the Bobby Sherman comic book that came out during the height of his popularity. Now how did I miss this comic book back then!?!



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