Stella Stevens and Carol Lynley reenact a scene from The Poseidon Adventure at the Castro Theatre’s salute to the movie and below Stella is interviewed on a local LA TV show.

I’ve always liked Stella Stevens for the most part from Li’l Abner to Girls! Girls! Girls! to The Nutty Professor to The Silencers to The Ballad of Cable Hogue to The Mad Room and finally to Poseidon. Stella usually gives every part her all and is very good but when Stella is bad, she is bad (Sol Madrid, Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows anyone?).

Though it is wonderful that she has remained so active and does not lack for work, the word “selective” is obviously not part of her vocabulary based on the titles alone of some of her later movies—The Terror Within II, Little Devils: The Birth, Attack of the 5’2” Women, The Granny and Bikini Motel.


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  • John Black

    Glad you mentioned THE MAD ROOM, which is thankfully available from Sony’s Columbia Classics MOD line. Speaking of that film, I also really like Barbara Sammeth, who plays Stella’s younger sister. Sadly, Barbara only had a few credits, notably that offbeat Beau Bridges countercultural comedy YOUR THREE MINUTES ARE UP (1973), in which she looked quite fetching.

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