20th Century-Fox is the latest studio to jump on the bandwagon to make its backlog of classic films available on DVD. However, unlike Warner Bros., which offers DVDs on demand, Fox is going to offer limited editions of their titles with many extras including booklets. Click here to read more. First to be released–The Kremlin Letter, Violent Saturday, Fate Is the Hunter, April Love,  and The Egyptian. No Pleasure Seekers!?! Grrrrrrr


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  • John Black

    Fox is also issuing a few “lesser” titles (like MOVING VIOLATIONS) to Shout Factory. The first five Twilight titles may not make me jump for joy, but I remain hopeful of seeing some other Fox titles in the future.

    One title I want is THE INCIDENT (1967), which features then-unknown talent like Beau Bridges, Martin Sheen, Donna Mills and Tony Musante. Another is the 1964 madhouse flick SHOCK TREATMENT starring Lauren Bacall.

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