Click here to read about the purported remake of TV’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with George Clooney stepping in for Robert Vaughn as agent Napoleon Solo.  This classic 60s spy series deserves the big screen treatment. Good news is that they are intending to keep the setting during the Cold War 60s. Wouldn’t it be even better news if some of the 60s starlets that were associated with the series such as Yvonne Craig and Sharyn Hillyer were asked to make cameo appearances along with Vaughn and David McCallum. I can keep dreaming, can’t I?


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  • John Black

    I would welcome that project, although a Clooney film might be a lot more serious than the TV series ever was. A new film version might inspire Time Life to release the four M.F.U. TV seasons separately. I’ve never sprung for the box set because I’m really only interested in revisiting the first two seasons. By the time that Robert Vaughan was dancing with the bear (at some point in either season 3 or 4), the series had jumped the shark.

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