The Warner Brothers Archive has been going gang busters releasing hard to find movies on DVD on Demand such as Once You Kiss a Stranger, El Condor, Zeppelin, The Green Slime, etc. and a few TV shows.  One that has been announced for a 2011 release is The Lieutenant (1963-64) produced by Gene Roddenberry before he hit with Star Trek and starring Gary Lockwood and a pre-Man from U.N.C.L.E. Robert Vaughn. Click here to read more about the release.

The Lieutenant was an one hour long drama about the exploits of Marine Lt. Bill Rice (Lockwood) stationed at Camp Pendleton.  Actress Chris Noel was a regular but in an unusual move she usually played a different character week after week. As she recalled in my book Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema now out in soft cover:

“I had so much fun doing The Lieutenant.  It was so exciting to have the opportunity to work with Gene Roddenberry.  He only wanted one girl on the show.  How many actresses do you know appearing in a series that got to play a different role week after week?  Not many.  That was such an original idea.  It goes to show you how creative Roddenberrry was.  He was a genius!  I was very proud that I got to work with him.”

Recalling her co-stars, Chris remarks, “Gary Lockwood was very cute and we flirted.  That made it interesting.  He was likable but he could be moody, moody, moody.  For instance, one day he commented to me, ‘Why do you do all these pictures for the studio?  Why do you go to all the parties?  It’s never going to make you a star!’  Robert Vaughn is a very good actor but he wasn’t nice to me.  He was very cold and distant.”

Below is a link to a clip of Chris Noel (Armed Forces Radio’s first female DJ during the Vietnam War) and Vetsville a charity she founded years ago to help homeless Vietnam vets:


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  • John Black

    Interesting news. I vaguely remember that show from my youth, but didn’t really watch it. The frequent Chris Noel appearances might make it worth watching, as she’s a favorite of mine. I don’t think I was specifically aware of her back then. I did pick up DETOUR TO TERROR as a MOD, mainly because of Anne Francis and Chris Noel. Seeing OJ in a heroic role is something I generally avoid.

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