Though I am not a huge fan of 60s starlet Stefanie Powers, I was looking forward to her autobiography hoping it would be a look into her acting career.  For a short period of time she was a promising movie actress (Experiment in Terror, Palm Springs Weekend, New Interns, Die! Die ! My Darling, Stagecoach) up there with brunettes Pamela Tiffin, Diane Baker, Anjanette Comer but she instead followed Barbara Eden, Julie Newmar, Tina Louise into television with The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. When that was canceled, she worked non-stop on TV (trapped perhaps? though she did a feature movie here and there) making guest appearances and in TV-movies before landing the lead in the series Feather and Father Gang and then Hart to Hart.

Alas per two friends who have perused her book, she gives her acting career short shrift and instead it is another philosophical look at life ala Goldie Hawn, Richard Chamberlain and Raquel Welch.  One friend says Powers even takes a back seat to her long-time boyfriend William Holden in her own memoir!  When it comes to celebrity bios I want to know what went on behind-the-scenes of their TV shows and movies not their opinions about the human spirit. Geez, Goldie all I wanted to read was what was it like to work with Judy Carne instead of the New Agey claptrap you gave us. Hence, her book wound up in the garbage heap half read.  I won’t make the same mistake with Powers’ book.

For a great read, Faye Dunaway’s autobiography comes highly recommended.  She gives us readers the back story on all her movies and the actors she worked with that you expect from a celebrity bio.  This is the one I will be buying.


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  • John Black

    I glanced at Stefanie’s book, and the first 100 pages touch on her show business career. PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND, for instance, gets maybe 3 or 4 short paragraphs. DIE, DIE MY DARLING gets a few paragraphs. But there seemed to be no mention at all of her rare film with Tom Laughlin, THE YOUNG SINNER (1965). If I find the book used for ten bucks or less, I might pick it up.

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