Actor James MacArthur passed away recently. He is most famous for his 11 year run as Det. Danno Williams on the hit CBS detective series Hawaii 5-O from 1968-1979. “Book him Danno” became a hugely popular catchphrase used even to this day and in the new reboot of the series with James Caan’s son Scott as Danno.  Due to his TV show MacArthur got to work with pracitically every 60s starlet in town including Nancy Kwan, Anne Helm, Nancy Kovack, Jean Hale, BarBara Luna, Sabrina Scharf, Melody Patterson (who became Mrs. James MacArthur for a short time), Carol Lynley, etc.

On the big screen, MacArthur was an affable leading man going from playing a juvenile delinquent in his debut movie The Young Stranger (1957) to signing with Walt Disney who turned him into a clean-cut teen idol in such films as The Light in the Forest (with Carol Lynley), Third Man on the Mountain and Swiss Family Robertson (both with Janet Munro). After leaving Disney in 1960, he played the leading man for awhile in The Interns (with Suzy Parker), Cry of  Battle (with Rita Moreno), and Spencer’s Mountain (with Mimsy Farmer) before working mostly in ensemble films such as The Bedford Incident and Battle of the Bulge.

Fans of cult movies remember him most as a college radical gone straight in The Love-Ins (with Susan Oliver who has the requisite LSD freak out scene) and cast against type as a motorcycle gang leader in The Angry Breed (with Melody Patterson and Suzie Kaye). Right after he landed Hawaii 5-0.


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  • John Black

    THE ANGRY BREED is a favorite of mine. Aside from Melody Patterson and Susie Kaye, the film also boasts Lori Martin (from CAPE FEAR) and Jan Sterling. I wish that it would come out on DVD.

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