Drive-in Dream Girl to Poet

Fans of 60s actresses may recall sultry blonde Valora Noland.  She co-starred with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello in Beach Party (1963) as Rhonda and then was the first actress to essay the role of man-chasing Animal in the sequel Muscle Beach Party (1964).  She then had a lead role in the stylish youth film Summer Children (1964), which was heavily influenced by the French New Wave of movies popular at the time. [see trailer below]

During her short career, Noland worked steadily on TV in lead guest roles in such popular series as The Donna Reed Show, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Virginian, and Star Trek.  On the big screen, she landed a supporting  role in the Burt Kennedy-directed western The War Wagon (1967) starring John Wayne and Kirk Douglas.  It was her last film appearance despite the mis-information that has been spread (including by me as I admit shame-faced in Drive-in Dream Girls) that she was in the bawdy comedy Up You Teddy Bear (1970) starring Julie Newmar and Wally Cox.

Valora left show business in the late sixties and today she is known as Valora Tree. She just published a book of her wonderful poetry entitled Water Lily Ponds.



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  • bill

    What is Valora Noland / tree doing now, and, why did she leave hollywood? Any idea what she did after leaving LA?
    In Summer Children she was great, and, I recall her in several 60’s TV shows, an inetresting person it would seem.

    • Valora Noland I believe is living in Northern California and wrote a book of poetry recently. I know because she contacted me unhappy about what I wrote about her in my book Drive-in Dream Girls. I made revisions to her profile for the soft cover reissue. I too thought she was lovely in The Sunner Children, which is so removed from the teenage movies of the time. The producer Jack Robinette who has reissued it on DVD tried to get her participation but she found many faults with the movie and did not participate in any promotion.

      Valora told me she quit acting because she hated doing publicity for movies.

  • ferd

    Just saw her on The Virginian. Did she go to college, get married and what did she do as an occupation after she quit show biz?

    • Not that I know of. She just left. I do know she recently wrote a book of poetry under the name Valora Tree.

  • Darrin

    Valora can be reached at Her father was famed German-Jewish artist Franz Baum.

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