When of my favorite sitcoms from the 60s (though I originally watched it when ABC-TV re-ran it in prime time in I think 1971) was Love on a Rooftop.  It starred Laugh-In‘s Judy Carne (I just loved her on that show go-go dancing in a bikini then saying, “Sock it to me!” before being drenched in a bucket of water) and Pete Duel as newlyweds who live in a tiny apartment on top of a building in San Francisco with glorious views of the city.

The show wasn’t particularly funny but I guess I liked the chemsitry between the two stars as she played a rich girl trying to adjust to living on her husband’s salary of about $87 a week.  A few starlets even dropped in including Fantasy Femme Chris Noel, Bridget Hanley, and Glamour Girl Arlene Charles.



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