Just received my second royalty statement this year and sales of Gail Gerber’s memoir Trippin’ with Terry Southern are very disappointing.  It is a critical hit, everybody who reads it loves it, but not attracting buyers.  And of all my books it has been the least reviewed in print or online.  I thought for sure winning an IPPY Award would help especially since we got extra marketing coverage from it but alas it has not.

Not sure what the problem is but it has me re-thinking going with McFarland and Co.  with my next book.


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  • John Black

    Sorry to hear that. I have a copy of that book on a shelf with about 20 other books that I want to read “soon.”

    Will your next book be the Dueling Harlows, or the cult babes (Nancy Czar, Mimsy Farmer, etc)?

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