Seeing how popular the Warner Bros. Archive has been releasing the studio’s classic movies on demand either as DVD or download, Columbia Pictures is getting in on the act and has just launched their Columbia Classics site with previous unavailable  films now available on DVD on Demand.

Among the titles that caught my eye: The Buttercup Chain; the TV-movie Detour to Terror starring Fantasy Femme Chris Noel as a high class hooker, OJ Simpson as a heroic bus driver, and in a small role his future wife Nicole; The Love-Ins with Book’em Danno James MacArthur and Susan Oliver as college radicals; Jacqueline Susann’s tawdry trashy The Love Machine; and the beach party in the snow classic Winter a-Go-Go with William Wellman, Jr., James Stacy, Fantasy Femme Julie Parrish, Glamour Girl Linda Rogers, and Nancy Czar.

Below is a link to the site:


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  • John Black

    Some other babes in this initial Sony batch of Columbia classics are Dorothy Provine (THE 30 FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCK), Joan Staley (VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS), Stella Stevens (THE MAD ROOM, with Barbara Sammeth), and Sondra Locke (A REFLECTION OF FEAR). Word on the street has it that Fox will begin their own MOD program “early next year.”

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