I have been waiting patiently for some record label to release the soundtracks from any of the AIP beach party movies for years.  Though AIP was shrewd in putting together some great artists to perform in the movies, they were never able to get it together regarding LP releases due to the musical performers’ various contracts with different record labels. Hence, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello would re-record songs from the movies for their own LPs.  Donna Loren even re-recorded the entire Beach Blanket Bingo song score for an LP that is not too bad.

With that said, I was so excited to hear that La La Records was releasing the official Beach Blanket Bingo soundtrack (see link below).  However, it only includes composer Les Baxter instrumental music and the backing tracks for the vocals.  Seems the rights were too expensive to include the original songs from the movie. Very disappointing to have the title song (and others) without the vocals!


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  • John Black

    Most people are only familiar with Annette’s records for Buena Vista. However, some of her very best records, including “Teenage Wedding” and “I’ll Never Change Him,” have never appeared on CD. I assume that they were recorded for other labels. I wish Bear Family or somebody would round up all of the missing Annette vocals (missing from CD, that is).

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