This past weekend William Shatner and Fantasy Femmes cover girl Celeste Yarnall had a mini-reunion at WonderCon the huge Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. In 1967, Celeste guest starred on Star Trek in “The Apple” episode.


Below is an excerpt from Fantasy Femmes of ’60s Cinema soon to be out in soft cover and a clip from the show:

In this episode, Celeste played Yeoman Martha Landon, the only female crewmember to beam down to a jungle planet run by Vaal, an ancient computer who controls the planet’s environment and its peaceful inhabitants.  Vaal provides for his people in return for offerings of appeasement.  However Vaal kills four Enterprise crewmembers (“expendable red shirts”) and imprisons the others (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, and Landon) in a cave.  When it threatens to obliterate the enterprise, Spock destroys Vaal leaving the child-like inhabitants to develop their own way of life and to experience physical intimacy.  Regarding their ways of reproduction, Celeste’s character inquires, “How do they do it?”  This results in an amusing scene with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy who begin speculating on this matter.  “It took us many takes to get this scene because they all fell on the floor laughing,” recalls Yarnall.  “It really was hysterical.  The censors were present during this scene.  There is another scene in the cave where I’m not there because the censors had them cut me out of that scene.  I was the only woman from the Enterprise on the planet so the audience would have made the assumption that I slept in the cave with all those men if they kept me in it.”




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