Been toiling away on my new proposed book Dueling Harlows: Race to the Silver Screen. It is the back story of the productions of both 1965 screen biographies that came to the big screen within weeks of each other with the same title: Harlow. From the feuding rival producers, to the casting problems from a leading lady being let go weeks before filming to a co-star walking out a day before, to the rush productions to be the first movie released.  It was a battle with David vs Goliath proportions with Paramount’s showman Joe Levine with his Harlow starring Carroll Baker vs. upstart Bill Sargent with Electronovision’s Harlow with Carol Lynley.

In tribute below is a clip from Electronovision’s Harlow shot in 8 days!



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  • John Black

    That is an interesting idea for a book. I must confess that I once saw Carroll Baker’s HARLOW on TV and thought it was terrible. Of course, it was P&S on TV. There is a widescreen (2:35-1) DVD coming of HARLOW (the Carroll Baker version), and WHERE LOVE HAS GONE (Davis, Hayward, Heatherton) will also be widescreen. Those are coming from Olive Films.

    Just because I thought Baker’s HARLOW was a terrible film doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy reading about the filming of it. I’m much more interested in the Lynley/Electronovision version of HARLOW, but have never seen it.

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