Goofa Man Productions  has launched a very entertaining animated short called Trek Babe Supreme, which dares to answer the question, “Which Star Babe in all of the ORIGINAL Star Trek series is the most awesome?”

Among the top contenders were Barbara Luna, Susan Oliver, Yvonne Craig, Leslie Parrish, Celeste Yarnall, Lee Meriwether. Arlene Martel, Sally Kellerman, Joan Collins, Susan Johnson, etc. Click the below to find the surprising winner, which I do not personally agree with.


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  • Tom, Thanks for posting the link!

    So…. Who would YOU pick as Trek Babe Supreme?

    By the way, I’ve already been yelled at for not at least mentioning Jill Ireland, Terri Garr or Angelique Pettijohn….I really should have included Pettijohn!

    Mike Fisher

  • John Black

    Wasn’t Beverly Washburn on STAR TREK? She’d get my vote, although it’s tough to ignore Arlene Martel and Yvonne Craig.

    • Hi John,

      Yes, Beverly did appear on Star Trek. I didn’t post on my Blog becasue she didn’t comment on it during our interview even though thought for sure she did. I need to go back and find the complete transcript. I may have not included in the book Drive-in Dream girls.


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