In 1974, Brian Clemens, famous for giving the world The Avengers, created the British TV-anthology series Thriller. These were one hour episodes videotaped in London usually starring one or two American actors in the lead. The show came over to America a year or two later and was televised as part of ABC-TV’s late night lineup as Wide World of Mystery.

One of the best episodes, that even received a video release, was If It’s a Man, Hangup! starring Carol Lynley as a fashion model being harassed by an obscene phone caller. Clemens truly dials up the suspense as it is a guessing game until the end on who in the men in her life (including Tom Conti) is the sicko. Carol looks beautiful (it was around the time she was co-starring with Geraldine Page on Broadway in the hit comedy Absurd Person Singular) and gives another effective performance as the damsel in distress. Below are link to parts 1 and 2.





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