One of the most talented starlets of the day in my opinion was Marianna Hill (profiled in my book Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood).  She was the typical 60s actress appearing in various roles on all the top TV shows and on the big screen worked in B-horror movies, big budget productions such as Howard Hawks' racecar drama Redline 7000 and was one of Elvis' leading ladies in Paradise, Hawaiian Style

But as a lot of her contemporaries' careers wound down during the 70s Marianna hit her stride (and disrobed on screen) in an eclectic mix of movies including the violent westerns El Condor (a personal favorite) and High Plains Drifter; two of the strangest horror movies of the day The Baby and Messiah of Evil; the acclaimed The Godfather, Part II; and the hippie movie Thump Trippin' where as a unhappily married woman she strips to her bra and panties and go-go dances at a redneck bar as in the clip below:



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