Actress Valerie Starrett (soap fans will remember her as the original Diana Taylor on General Hospital) joins Nancy Czar, Lada Edmund, Jr., Mimsy Farmer, Aron Kincaid, Marlyn Mason, and Christopher Riordan as interviewees for my new book above. Valerie will be sharing anecdotes about the making of the biker film Run, Angel, Run. See trailer below:


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    The new book sounds great! I'm sure that Nancy Czar, Lada Edmund Jr. and Mimsy "HOT RODS TO HELL" Farmer will have some great stories! I can't wait to buy a copy.

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite Nancy Czar credits is the strange, anti-sex sex film THE WILD SCENE (1970). Nancy and Berry Kroeger play an incredibly mismatched married couple. Aside from being decades older. Kroeger (who I suspect was gay in real life) plays a macho trucking magnate, while Nancy (who I think was straight in real life) plays a wife who's actually in love with another woman! There is no nudity, and Nancy's love for the other woman is only expressed through dialog and a photograph of a beautiful brunette female that Nancy has. So, the film provides a decades-spanning marriage, enacted by the oddly cast Kroeger and Czar. I think that their portion of the film only lasts about ten minutes, toward the end of the running time.

    According to the IMDB, Nancy staged a comeback circa 1990, in the made for cable TV series THE WOMEN'S ROOM, which I vaguely recall as being gothic stories about women. I watched it back then, but sadly didn't recognize Nancy Czar at that time. That series isn't available anywhere, to my knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    Well heck, I just checked the IMDB after posting here, and I see that the listing of Nancy Czar guest-starring in an episode of THE WOMEN'S ROOM is no longer there. That alleged credit was posted there for a year or two at least, so perhaps Nancy or somebody corrected it? The IMDB is great overall, but there are numerous small mistakes scattered around there.

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